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Master Ding Tai Chi Online Support

For any issue, please contact us at:


General Information

1. Signing up

  • Membership is free and is open to anyone interested in Tai Chi and Chi Kung training.

  • You will need to sign up as a member inorder to purchase any subscription plan.

          Click the Signup/Members Login button on the Home Page

On the Login page click Sign Up

 Enter your details to create your account

After signing up, you will receive a Welcome email confirming your membership for the website, however there are 2 further steps before you can purchase videos.

Welcome Email.png
  • Please DO NOT purchase any subscription plan until you receive an approval email.

Wix Email Approval Confirmation.png

Tips for best experience.

For the best experience we recommend viewing the site using a PC. 

2. Purchase a  Subscription Plan

  • Click "VIDEO" on the menu

Select the package you wish to purchase and click "Learn more" to see further details.

To purchase your selected plan click "Click Here"

Confirm your selection by clicking "Select" for your chosen package

Enter your payment details and click "Buy Now" to purchase

You may now view your video by returning to the purchased package via the Videos button,  Click "Paid Plan Members - CLICK HERE" to access

You will receive an email confirmation from :

Email Order Confirmation .png

3. Tips For Viewing Video 

  • Best experience is from a PC. 

  • ​Although not officially supported, you can stream to a TV, using an Apple TV through your iPhone or iPad.

      - Go to the website from your iPhone / iPad

      - Login and go to member page to access your package

      - Next in the corner, click on the airplay button and select your Apple TV

How to .... ? 

Below are some common questions people have asked. 

4. Cancellation of Plan

  • You can cancel you plan anytime subjected to our refund policy by emailing us of your intention :

    • Subject:: Cancellation Notice of [Insert Plan Name] from [ Insert  Name ]

    • Email Text: Please cancel the following plan [confirm plan name]. The email address of the account is [Insert Email address for account].  I confirm that there is at least 10 working days before the plan renewal date. 

  • It is your responsibility to cancel your plan  in your account on this website by giving us appropriate notice to terminate your monthly plan: at least 10 working days notice before the expiry date.

  • When your plan has been cancelled you will receive a confirmation email. 

Email Cancel Plan confirmation.png

After terminating your plan, you are still able to access your subscribed plan up to the expiry date.

5. Refund

  • Automatic Renewal Monthly Plan (subject to the Terms & Conditions) - members who initially purchased a monthly renewal plan can cancel and receive a full refund if they notify us at

Within five (5) working days after purchase. Please note : NO REFUND is available after the 5 days period has expired.

Common Issues

There are some common problems that a small number of our users sometimes experience. If you are having issues then have a look to below.

Our website is powered by Wix. Most common problems can be resolved by following the steps on the common issues support page.  

1. Login Problem

  • Members sometime expereince LOG IN problem when they first create their account using smartphones.

  • If you have a problem to LOG IN  once you have signed up, kindly try to reset your password using another browser by taking the following steps

  1. Please check that you are using ​the correct email

  2. Clear your brower's cache

  3. Check that cookie aren't blocked in your browser. A cookie is a small file stored in your browser which helps a website recognize you. If you have chosen to block cookies in your browser, you will not be able to sign in to Wix. Go to your browser settings and make sure that you have not chosen to block cookies.

  4. Go back to the password reset email and click the link

  5. If all these fail, try to use Incognito Browsing mode of another device/browser

  • If you have tried to reset your password and still unable to LOG IN, please contact us as your account may need to be recreated. 

2. Viewing problems from a device

  • Check your internet connection 

  • Check using an alternative connection from a different device. 

  • See Wix support tips

3. Not receiving our emails ? 

  • Please check to make sure our emails have not been categorised into your spam folder. Please add and to your address book

Any Other Problems ?

We endeavour to try and resolve any issues relating to our Master Ding Tai Chi Online streaming website.


Do contact us by email :


 Master Ding Tai Chi Online 

 Come to learn. Stay to grow 

 Traditional Tai Chi Chuan 

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