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John Ding Yeung San Hey Kung I: Service

15 Minutes Tai Chi Course

suitable for complete novices

A comprehensive training package incorporating 

  •  John Ding Yeung San Hei Gung I

  • Daoist Exercises

  •  Master Ding Form 

  • Settling Breathing Exercises

Each session is easy to learn

Requires only limited space to practice,

whether indoors or out

Learn at your own time and pace

Regular practice of 15 minutes

Tai Chi will improve your

health and fitness -

Strong Body,

Still Mind.

To order this package

The 15-Minute Tai Chi DVD

is also availabe on our other website :   


Scroll down for 15-Minute Tai Chi previews

Master Ding Interview Preview
Chi Kung
Master Ding Form Group
Form Instruction
Master Ding Form Preview
Tai Chi softness

John Ding Yeung San

Hei Gung I

Centralising energy, CHI

  • The primary practised method in achieving this is through  Chi Kung


  • Every Tai Chi class should include Chi Kung within their Tai Chi practice.


  • Easy to learn


  • The mind is quietened, the body relaxes, tension dissolves – Mind and Body working in harmony.

Daoist Exercises

Circulating energy, CHI

  • The 12 Daoist Core exercises are practiced as warming up movements before practising the Tai Chi Form

  • These exercises stretches and loosen the body while circulating the CHI

  • Training the MIND and BODY working in harmony.

John Ding Yeung San Hey Kung I: Video_Widget

Master Ding Form

Circulating energy, CHI

  • A simplified 20 steps Tai Chi Chuan form based on the traditional Yang Style Long Form demonstrated by

       Master Ding

  • Easy to learn 

  • Requires  less space to practice the form

  • Provide you with a good foundation and understanding to continue learning the complete system of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Master Ding Form


Circulating energy, CHI

  • Step-by-step guide

  • 10 easy to learn Tai Chi lessons

Settling Breathing Exercises

Circulating energy, CHI

  • Set of Exercises routine practiced towards the end of Tai Chi training session


  • The primary aim is to re-establish the harmony of the mind, body and spirit by centering our mind and settling the Chi energy at our centre, i.e. Tan Tien point

  • The settling breathing exercise sequence also promotes health benefits


 Master Ding Tai Chi Online 

 Come to learn. Stay to grow 

 Traditional Tai Chi Chuan 

  A natural way to harmonise  


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