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Traditional Yang Style

Long Form Part 2

suitable for Beginners & Intermediate

A comprehensive training package incorporating 

  •  John Ding Yeung San Hei Gung I

  • Daoist Exercises

  •  Traditional Yang Style Long Form Part 2  

 - 13 easy step-by-step lesson

- Easy to learn 

  • Settling Breathing Exercises

Learn  Part 2 of Traditional Yang Style

Long Form Tai Chi Chuan

at your own time and pace

Regular practice of 

Tai Chi will improve your

health and fitness -

Strong Body,

Still Mind.

Scroll down for Traditional Yang Style

Training Part 2 preview

John Ding Yeung San

Hei Gung I

Centralising Energy, CHI

  • The primary practised method in achieving this is through  Chi Kung


  • Every Tai Chi class should include Chi Kung within their Tai Chi practice.


  • Easy to learn


  • The mind is quietened, the body relaxes, tension dissolves – Mind and Body working in harmony.

Daoist Exercises

Circulating Energy, CHI

  • The 12 Daoist Core exercises are practiced as warming up movements before practising the Tai Chi Form

  • These exercises stretches and loosen the body while circulating the CHI

  • Training the MIND and BODY working in harmony.

Traditional Yang Style

Tai Chi Chuan

Long Form - Part 2

Circulating Energy, CHI

Part 2 of the Traditional Yang Style Long Form as demonstrated by Master Ding :

  • Normal Speed

  • Mirror Image

  • Slow Motion

Traditional Yang Style

Tai Chi Chuan

Long Form - Part 2

Circulating Energy, CHI

  • Step-by-step guide

  • 13 easy lessons to learn Part 2 of Traditional Yang Style Long Form

Settling Breathing Exercises

Circulating Energy, CHI

  • Set of Exercises routine practiced towards the end of Tai Chi training session


  • The primary aim is to re-establish the harmony of the mind, body and spirit by centering our mind and settling the Chi energy at our centre, i.e. Tan Tien point

  • The settling breathing exercise sequence also promotes health benefits


 Master Ding Tai Chi Online 

 Come to learn. Stay to grow 

 Traditional Tai Chi Chuan 

  A natural way to harmonise  


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